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Chung-Ang University, Humanities Research Institute

Our research project “Artificial Intelligence Humanities” has been supported by the National Research Foundation since November 2017 (funded 1.63 billion krw until 2024).

By the AIH(Artificial Intelligence Humanities), we aim at reflecting on the positions of Humanities in the age of artificial intelligence and reconstructing their objects and boundaries through interdisciplinary investigations of its impacts on human lives and Humanities as reflections on them.

About 50 scholars work together in Korea and overseas, whose academic interests extend from history, philosophy, literature, linguistics, medicine, computer science, and psychology to laws, and engineering, management studies.

Research categories are as follows:

1. Analysis of the Classics East and West in the Humanities in View of Artificial Intelligence

2. Studies of Changes in Human Communications and Relationships caused by the Spread of Artificial Intelligence

3. Data Analysis and Construction of Digital Ontology in Humanities with the Aid of Artificial Intelligence

4. Ethics and Public Governance for Artificial Intelligence

5. Critique of Technology and Social & Cultural Changes

Our institute as a hub of critical and creative humanity studies of Artificial Intelligence will host an international conference annually and publish an academic journal on AIH.